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Why I Love the Wine2Wine Conference

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by Gino Colangelo

I love wine. But what I really love are the stories behind wine, wineries and winemakers and telling those stories.  As the partner in a communications agency specializing in fine wine, this means the business of wine.  The following three questions are fundamental to my business and motivate me every day: 1) How are great wine brands built? 2) What drives the decisions that determine how wine gets bought and sold? and 3) How can story-telling and communications (PR, social media, event marketing) facilitate those processes?

I love the Wine2Wine conference because, fundamentally, it’s about helping to answer the questions that drive me every day. What are the latest tools and techniques for communicating about wine? What are the changes in distribution and technology that are driving the business of wine?  How can we as a communications agency leverage the new tools available through new technologies to help our clients achieve their business goals?  A two-day business conference like Wine2Wine can’t answer all of those questions, but engaging in discourse about these fundamental questions with intelligent, experienced and passionate wine and wine marketing professionals can certainly stimulate ideas and conversations that advance the art and science of wine marketing. I return every year to help answer these questions.

The presenters’ list at this year’s Wine2Wine conference included some of the most progressive thinkers and hottest topics current in the business of wine marketing. Paul Mabray had an excellent presentation on new technologies driving direct-to-consumer sales. Felicity Carter gave a captivating story-telling talk. Mike Madaio addressed the question: Is wine blogging dead? (answer: it isn’t, not by any means, by the way). Colangelo & Partners’ very own Claire Hennessy had an informative presentation on influencer marketing (supported greatly by our Influencer Relations Specialist, Shanika Hillocks), a growing discipline within wine marketing.

So, a big thank you to Stevie Kim and the Vinitaly International team for organizing a stimulating and educational conference. In just a few short years, they’ve made Wine2Wine an essential event on the calendar for anybody involved in the business of wine marketing and communications, particularly for Italian wine. Appropriately, the conference continues to evolve (Stevie is never one to be complacent and doing the same thing twice is kind of boring) and grow, just like the marketplace in which it’s engaged.

I look forward to seeing what Stevie and Wine2Wine have in store for us next year.

To see the presentations referenced above, and many other great presentations from this year’s Wine2Wine, check out

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