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Zucchi Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Launching a Premium Olive Oil Brand with Digital Platforms and Influencer Marketing

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For their US launch, Zucchi Extra Virgin Olive Oil (operating in a very competitive category) secured regional distribution but needed to demonstrate sell-through support in order to stay on supermarket shelves



Colangelo & Partners implemented a granular, geo-targeted, integrated communication program focusing on generating sell-through in key supermarket chains

The program featured an influencer marketing campaign with strategic social media content production and social media advertising

The influencer marketing campaign involved working with paid and organic micro- and macro-influencers with followers in the focus markets



Organized collaborations with 57 influencers (48 organic and 9 paid) from relevant categories: healthy lifestyle, mommy-influencers and food-influencers

Established influencer collaborations across several key channels that resulted in a reach of 531,112 on Instagram, 217,570 on Twitter, 198,582 on Facebook and 229,030 on Pinterest. Zucchi also reached a total of 586,446 unique monthly visitors and with 969,827 monthly page views through blogs.

Strategically developed, executed and monitored a social media strategy that delivered 11,388 followers on Facebook, 2,111 followers on Twitter and 3,326 followers on Instagram over the course of less than 6 months.