Reimagining Consorzio Tutela Prosecco DOC’s National Prosecco Week 2020 as a Digital Activation

The global pandemic that shut down the United States in March 2020 presented a formidable challenge for the third edition of the large-scale, event-driven American incarnation of National Prosecco Week. Reimagining this in-person-focused campaign as an ecommerce and online retail promotion driven by digital activations like virtual seminars and Instagram Live Tastings required creative, adaptive strategy—and won impressive results. In July 2020, 500 retailers participated and saw an average growth of 27% over the same week in 2019, with recording 274% increase in sales of Prosecco DOC, while distributors saw an increase of 40% in Prosecco DOC orders on SevenFifty.

List of Services:

Digital Advertising, Ecommerce Activation, Influencer Marketing, Media Relations, Retail Promotion, Social Media Management, Trade Relations, Virtual Tastings