Colangelo & Partners Talks Digital Marketing at Wine2Wine


Colangelo & Partners was a proud agency sponsor at this year’s Wine2Wine conference ( in Verona, Italy.  At the conference, C&P account supervisor Claire Hennessy and SAE Juliana Colangelo presented a seminar on the hottest trends in digital marketing for public relations.  The seminar was covered by WineNews (, the leading wine trade publication in Italy.  Below is a translation of the article that appeared in WineNews:

The Hottest Trends in Digital Marketing

Marketing is continuing to move toward social media which will count for 2.5 million users by 2018 between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. But what are the “hottest trends right now in Digital Marketing?” Facebook Live, Ustream and Influencer Marketing according to Gino Colangelo, Juliana Colangelo and Claire Hennessy at the Vinitaly business forum, “Wine2Wine.”

“Facebook Live,” explains Juliana Colangelo, “is the newest feature on Facebook, which gives all users the possibility of broadcasting via live stream videos. It’s perfect for sharing events, but it is very important to have a clear idea of what are you want to achieve: first you start with an idea, construct a plan, develop the promotion and then go live.”

Virtual tastings are having great success on Twitter via Ustream. “We can perform virtual tastings,” as Claire Hennessy explains, “with one single bottle; the important thing is to include the appropriate wine writers. We invite who we think would be interested in the tasting, generally 10-12 journalists, but it is open to anyone.” They are both (Facebook Live and Ustream) extremely popular initiatives which engage wine journalists and bloggers who have a huge Twitter following, generating enormous visibility.

Finally we have Influencer Marketing, which uses Instagram as the selected platform. “This is aimed at lifestyle influencers, followed by millions of people, extremely trusted by their followers. Instead of commercial advertisements, we now look at what influencers are doing, what they are drinking and then we follow suit. This is directly related to classic public relations. The influencer and the audience change based on the brand we want to promote. As we would with traditional press,” continues Juliana Colangelo, we invite them on press tours, seminars, to the wineries or simply to sponsor an event, reaching millions of consumers.”