Slow Wine US Tour Stops at Eataly Downtown in NYC


Slow Wine​ ​is an Italian wine guide​ ​that​ ​evaluates over 400 different​ ​wineries​ ​who reflect​ ​their local terroir and practice sustainable methods that benefit the environment. Their philosophy is based of the Slow Food principles, is that wine should not just be good in flavor, but produced in a clean, fair and sustainable manner.

​​​This month, Slow Food International and Slow Wine Editore will release the latest English-language edition of the Slow Wine Guide during their annual multi-city US tour. The Slow Wine Editore team will end their 2017 US Tour at Eataly Downtown NYC on February 1st with an exclusive industry tasting in the afternoon followed by a consumer tasting in the evening. Other 2017 tour stops include San Francisco, Seattle and Austin.

​For the first time ever, the wineries that receive the official Slow Wine seal in the 2017 edition of the guide are 100% free of chemical herbicides, a quality that Slow Wine continues to passionately support. While other guides limit their relationship to a blind tasting and brief write up, Slow Wine takes the time to visit each winery in order to create a well-informed, detailed review of the wines themselves, the property and the people behind the production.

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