“Wine Business Talk” on the Italian Wine Podcast – Episode 1: Heini Zachariassen


Episode 1: Heini Zachariassen

On the inaugural episode of “Wine Business Talk” on the Italian Wine Podcast, Juliana interviews one of the wine industry’s pioneers in technology and wine – Heini Zacharaissen, Founder and CEO of Vivino, the world’s #1 wine app. Juliana and Heini speak about the growth of the app to over 50 million worldwide users over the last 10 years, the future of e-commerce and how Vivino is using data and personalized recommendations to make it easier for consumers to buy wine.

Instagram: @vivino, https://www.instagram.com/heinizach/
Facebook: @vivino, https://www.facebook.com/heinizach
Twitter: @vivino, https://twitter.com/heinizach
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/vivino/
Heini: https://www.linkedin.com/in/heini/


“Wine Business Talk” on the Italian Wine Podcast

In partnership with the Italian Wine Podcast, we are excited to share a new limited series: “Wine Business Talk with Colangelo & Partners” hosted by Vice President Juliana Colangelo. This series deals with the wine business and the evolution of technologies in the wine industry; how it’s helping consumers and how wineries can effectively use these technologies. Each guest gives listeners valuable guidance on how consumers choose wine, purchase and drink wine in the U.S. market and beyond. 

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