“Wine Business Talk” on the Italian Wine Podcast – Episode 3: Alexi Cashen


Episode 3: Alexi Cashen

On Episode 3 of “Wine Business Talk” on the Italian Wine Podcast, Juliana speaks with Alexi Cashen of Elenteny Imports on how Italian wine brands can navigate the complex 3-Tier System in the United States. Alexi co-founded Elenteny Imports with colleague and friend, Tim Elenteny with the goal to provide logistics solutions, guaranteeing all of the details between initial order and final sale.  Their services connect the dots between compliance complexities and distribution strategy allowing their clients sales to grow.

Website: https://elentenyimports.com/
Facebook: @teimports
Instagram: @elentenyimports
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/t-elenteny-imports


“Wine Business Talk” on the Italian Wine Podcast

In partnership with the Italian Wine Podcast, we are excited to share a new limited series: “Wine Business Talk with Colangelo & Partners” hosted by Vice President Juliana Colangelo. This series deals with the wine business and the evolution of technologies in the wine industry; how it’s helping consumers and how wineries can effectively use these technologies. Each guest gives listeners valuable guidance on how consumers choose wine, purchase and drink wine in the U.S. market and beyond. 

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