WEBINAR Italian Wine in the U.S. During and After COVID-19: Challenges and Opportunities


How has Covid-19 changed the world of wine in the United States? How should Italian wine-makers react in response to new styles of consumption and new market needs, given that the United States is one of the main destination countries for Italian wine? Many different aspects are discussed during the webinar “Italian wine in the USA during and after Covid-19: challenges and opportunities” in collaboration with Colangelo & Partners.

Giovanni Mantovani (CEO, Veronafiere)
Alison Napjus (senior editor, Wine Spectator)
Michael Osborn (founder and executive vice president, Wine.com)
Aaron Sherman (co-founder and CEO, SevenFifty)
Heini Zachariassien (founder and CEO, Vivino)
Kristina Kelley (Wine and Spirits Public Relations and Communications Director, E. J. Gallo Winery)

Moderator: Gino Colangelo (Colangelo & Partners)

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Slides used in the webinar
Vinitaly webinar slides
Kristina Kelley Vinitaly Webinar 2020
SevenFifty – Vinitaly Webinar 2020
Vivino Vinitaly Webinar 2020
Wine_com VinItaly Webinar_OCT-7-2020